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Daddy Needs His Little Girl September 21, 2011

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“Please Daddy?” I asked. From the stories I had heard, this was a favorite fantasy of young boys. But sometimes a nightmare for their girlfriends. Only I had turned the tables on Daddy; and instead of a pimply teenaged boy trying to “sneak” a feel of me, I was trying to sneak a feel of my father.

I had already progressed further than I thought I would at the beginning. Perhaps because it was a teenage fantasy, and my father was almost as caught up in it as I was. Here I was, half naked on my own father’s bed, with Daddy’s pants down, and his thick nine-inch prick in my hand, while I tried to rub the slippery head against my equally slippery crack. The turnabout I mentioned, was that it was me, who was trying to sneak a feel of my own father’s stiff prick inside my itching little cunny, instead of some boy trying to see what it felt like to slide his aching prick into me. I tried to remember the rest of the scenario.

“Please Daddy,” I repeated, “I just want to feel the tip inside me.” God, what a line! It was all I could do, to keep from giggling when I said it, no matter HOW much I meant it. Thankfully, Daddy didn’t catch on. I guess the thought of acting out that sophomoric line was too exciting for him to think straight. I hoped so. Only Daddy hadn’t lost all sense, yet.

“Oh God, I can’t, Candy,” he groaned. I had to ease up on my stroking, before he came all over my hand, instead of inside me where he belonged. “If I came inside you, or even accidentally left one tiny squirt inside you, you could get pregnant.”

“I don’t mind Daddy. Please?” I whined. At his continued reluctance, I continued, “Just a little? You don’t have to cum in me; I just want to feel it for a moment. Can’t you just slide the head of it inside me for a minute, so I can just see what it’s like? You don’t have to put it all the way in, if you don’t want to.” I could tell that Daddy was tempted.

“Just a little?” I repeated, as I slid a little farther down, so my father’s prick was actually rubbing against the light fuzz that had started to darken the top of my slit. “If you think you’re going to cum, you can always pull it out.”

I knew Daddy was weakening, so I rubbed the slippery head in my equally slippery crack, and pushed up. I guess the feel of his little girl’s tight little slit rubbing against the sensitive head of his prick convinced Daddy, that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to let me feel it, “Just a little.” With a slight push, a stretching sensation, and a slight “pop” The tip of Daddy’s prick vanished into my body. OOOoooh, did that feel good!

“Just for a second,” he said, “then I’ll have to pull out.”

Once again, I almost giggled, and spoiled everything. If not for my Mother’s warnings about what boys might try to do, and what happened once they got started, I would never have managed to come up with this sexy scenario in the first place, nor have realized that I was home free, the moment even PART of Daddy’s prick slipped inside me. . . As long as I didn’t spoil things by giving things away by giggling, or something.

I fought down the urge, and pulled back from my father a little. I could see the disappointment on Daddy’s face, as I did so. “Hooked!” I thought with glee. Now all I had to do, was reel him in. “Ooh, that feels good Daddy,” I said, repeating my earlier thought. “Could you slide it in just a little further, so I can feel what it’s like? Just a little, Daddy.”

“Well, I suppose just a little won’t hurt,” he responded; suiting his actions to his words. “I’ll still have to pull out pretty quick though. I don’t want to accidentally get you pregnant.” For a second or two, Daddy did just that; sliding about an inch or two in and out of me, until the lips of my crack suddenly got slippery, just like the inside, and almost four inches of fatherly prick slid inside me by accident. (On his part; not on mine.)

“Ow!” I said, involuntarily. Damn! I had forgotten about my virginity. . . Now how did the rest of that horny scenario go?

“I don’t mind,” I said; being careful to not explain whether I “didn’t mind” him pulling out, or him cumming inside me and getting me pregnant. Hopefully, Daddy wouldn’t suspect me of even thinking about the second case, while he would be able to think of nothing else.

“I’d better pull out,” he said. “I almost broke your hymen by accident. Besides, now you’ve felt what it’s like, and don’t have to wonder any more. That’s all I promised.”

I almost snickered again. Daddy hadn’t “promised” anything. I had. However, the last thing I wanted Daddy to do was pull out now; especially when he was so close to “breaking my cherry.”

“Please Daddy,” I repeated my earlier requests while rocking my hips back and forth; enjoying the feel of my father’s thick prick sliding in and out. “I don’t want my first time to be some pimply boy in the back seat of a car.” Once again, I could tell my father was weakening. For sure he didn’t extract more than an inch of thick fat fatherly prick from inside my tight little crack where it was filling me up so nicely. “If you do it,” I continued, “at least I’ll know it’s someone who loves me, and cares about me. If I let some boy do it, then he might hurt me without even intending to. Please Daddy?”

“I shouldn’t.” Daddy was more trying to convince himself, than me.

“Please Daddy,” I repeated for the fifth time. (Or was it sixth?)

“Are you sure, Honey?” Daddy looked at me worriedly.

Straining, I managed to turn my incipient giggle into an amused smile. “Of course I’m sure Daddy,” I said. “I always wanted it to be you.”

“This might hurt, though!” Daddy said, as with the final ‘hurt’ he slammed his prick into me without warning. I guess Daddy is of the school that believes in ripping a bandage off quickly, to ease the pain. I don’t know about that; but for sure he caught me by surprise, so I never had a chance to tighten up. If I had, it might or might not have hurt less; but for sure he would have probably had to do it more than once, before getting all the way inside me.

As it was, I barely had a chance to yelp, before my father’s thick prick was buried to the hilt in my body; leaking thick drops of incestuous sperm and pre-cum into the end of my vagina, up next to my fertile young womb. I had done it! I was no longer a virgin! And I had my own father’s huge nine-inch prick buried to the hilt inside me where it belonged.

“Thanks, Daddy,” I said, barely able to keep from grimacing in pain. “Now fuck me and cum in me, so I can feel what it’s like. Please Daddy?”

Daddy forced his prick up inside me hard, while he fought to keep from squirting his seed inside me. I guess the feel of his own daughter’s tight little cunny squeezing on his engorged prick felt so good it was all he could do to keep from splattering baby-juice all over the inside of my tummy. “Candy,” he said, “I told you, I am NOT cumming inside you. We can’t take the chance of getting you pregnant,” ignoring the fact that he had told me that he wasn’t going to even put his prick inside me, let alone fuck me, the way he already was. Involuntarily, his hips had started to move back and forth; sliding his wonderfully thick prick in and out about four inches, while he was talking.

I started rolling my hips to meet Daddy, while I kept up the argument. Only it had now shifted from having him fuck me, (Which he was already doing.) to having him cum inside me, without him ever noticing the transition. (Thankfully.)

“Please Daddy,” I said one more time. “Just one time won’t hurt… Please? I want to feel the whole thing, Daddy. I’ll make it feel really good for you, I promise.” (Yet another line from the teenaged fantasy that my Mother had taught me about; never knowing she was providing her own daughter with the ammunition she needed to seduce her husband. “Please Daddy, just once? I won’t tell Momma you did. It wouldn’t be fair, if I didn’t get to feel the whole thing on my first time.”

“Oh God, I can’t,” moaned Daddy. “I might get you pregnant.” I could tell my father was as excited about the idea of squirting his sperm inside me, as I was. Maybe even more so. For sure he knew I would make it “feel good” for him, if he did. Time to get out the net, and haul him in.

“It’s OK, Daddy,” I said, “I don’t mind. You can get me pregnant, if you want to. Besides, my period was about two weeks ago, so it’s pretty safe.” (Yeah, I know, and I’m sure Daddy knows that two weeks after your period is the time a girl is most likely to catch. What matters is: Daddy doesn’t know that I know. Get it?)

“I can’t,” repeated Daddy; still sliding his thick prick in and out anyway. By now It felt like it had swollen to twice it’s original thickness, and was threatening to splatter me full of incestuous cum whether Daddy tried to pull out or not. In any case, I knew that Daddy had already been leaking pre-cum and sperm inside me for over three minutes while he tried to hold out, so the point might be moot anyway. Still, I wanted Daddy to do it right, just like I had been asking him to; not accidentally screw-up and get me pregnant.

“Please Daddy,” I repeated again. “Just one time won’t hurt. Besides, most girls can’t get pregnant on their first time anyway. Next time might be too late. Please?” I started squeezing on my father’s thick prick with my cunny, just like I had read about in the books, by trying to act like I was holding back pee. It seemed to work.

“Oh God! I can’t help it!” groaned Daddy, and thrust his big prick up inside me to the root. Realizing what was about to happen, I pushed back just as hard.

There was a straining pushing moment, as Daddy’s thick prick stretched my crack unbelievably, before Daddy grunted; pulled out an inch, and then slammed back into me to the hilt.

I groaned, as my father’s wonderfully thick prick filled my crack with an obscene “slurp” that just emphasized the illicit nature of our coupling. God, it felt good! I knew it felt good to Daddy too; just like I had promised him.

“Ohgod. Ohgod. Ohmygod!” Three times Daddy grunted, and three times he jammed himself as far up inside me as he could. By the third time, I had managed to reach under my father’s balls, and felt the thick tube underneath the bottom of his prick bulge as the third thick sticky wad of my father’s precious sperm was injected into my waiting body. My own father was cumming inside me, and he was NOT trying to pull out either.

No, I didn’t cum myself. I understand it’s VERY rare for a girl to cum on her first time with a man. Still, I enjoyed it very much; knowing that Daddy felt so good by squirting his precious sperm inside me. Mother had told me how good it felt to a man to cum inside a girl, and explained that’s why a boy would try so hard to get a girl to let him “do it” to her. To know I could do this thing to make the man I loved most in the world, my own father, feel so good, was an incredible turn-on. I love Daddy. I wasn’t even worried about getting pregnant; knowing it was something else that many men fantasized about doing to a young girl like me. If knocking me up would make Daddy happy, then I would be too. Still, he didn’t have to, if he didn’t want to. It was about this time, that the roof fell in.

“What are you DOING?!” Momma’s voice cut through the restful quiet where Daddy and I had been resting with him still breathing harshly in my ear, and his prick slowly wilting inside my horny little hole. I could feel a slight trickle of Daddy’s seed oozing out around his thick prick, as he fought to catch his breath. Daddy was in no position to defend himself, so I did.

“Sorry, Momma,” I said, giving my father no chance to respond. . . Not that he was in any condition to do more than barely gasp in horror at being caught en-flagrente-delicto. “I couldn’t help it,” I continued. “I just HAD to feel what it was like. Please don’t be mad at me. Please Momma?”

My Mother looked first at me, then at my father. I guess she was trying to still be mad at Daddy, though I was making it hard for her. I guess she knew that if a sexy young girl like me put the make on almost any normally horny man, then that man didn’t stand much of a chance. (Yes, I KNOW that I’m sexy. . . I’ve not only been told many times, but I’ve looked in the mirror too. Why do you think I was so sure I could seduce Daddy?)

Still… “My God,” she said, “you might have gotten her pregnant you idiot!”

OOPS! Time to nip THAT accusation in the bud too. I hadn’t really planned on this, but I hadn’t planned on getting caught by Momma either. At least, not so soon.

“Oooo,” I moaned in fake passion. “Really?” I looked at Daddy adoringly. “Could we Daddy?” I asked. “Please? Could I feel what it’s like, just once? Please Daddy?”

My Mother and father just looked at me. At first, Daddy looked at me in something of a slight horror, until the rising of his cum-streaked prick gave him away. Momma just looked at me in astonishment, until a slight grin crossed her lips. I knew that Daddy was off the hook.

“Oh Hell, you might as well,” she said in disgust, at the obscene sight of her little girl’s swollen cunny drooling thick white gobs of her husband’s seed. “You’ve already gone THIS far.” For a second, I could almost swear I saw a twinkle in Momma’s eye, as her head turned away from Daddy to me.

“Well?” she prompted.

I knew Momma didn’t really mean that. My Mother was just angry at Daddy and me; and was trying to shake Daddy up, by making him realize just how far past the normal bounds of propriety we had gone. I had never really intended things to go this far anyway. I mean, fucking your own father was obscenely exciting. Having your own father get you pregnant, was way past exciting, all the way to downright scary. I mean, a girl just doesn’t have her own father’s baby, does she? The very thought was thrilling, but scary too. On the other hand, that didn’t stop me from taking advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself.

“Please Daddy?” I asked again. “Could we just do it a little bit, until I do? I’ll make it feel REAL good for you, I promise.” This time it was Momma’s grin that almost made me burst out giggling, but I managed somehow. I squirmed lower, trying to recapture my father’s cum-dribbling prick back inside my hot little hole. A thick white gob of sperm still oozed out the tip, as I corkscrewed Daddy’s immense penis inside me, while my Mother watched in amazement.

“Oooh Daddy, I’m gonna have your bbaaaaabbyyyyy,” I wailed; knowing that Momma wouldn’t be able to blame Daddy if I got pregnant after this scene. “I want to feel you do it,” I whined, as one last time I repeated myself: “Please Daddy?”


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