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yes.. yes daddy, I do.. September 21, 2011

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She opens the door quietly, trying to sneak into the house after her curfew. She had lost track of time in her boyfriend’s car, kissing, letting him finger her cunt, his lips on her breasts; sucking his cock. Her panties were still wet. As she walks into the kitchen, darkness surrounded her. Suddenly someone grabs her from behind, holding her wrists and pressing her against the wall. “coming in a little late, aren’t we?” her father’s voice fills her ear. A shock of arousal shoots through her, which she quickly tames. “sorry daddy.. I lost track of time..” she trails off. “sucking your boyfriend off again, sweetie?” her daddy growls, anger singing his voice.

Her had caught her twice now, giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Once, in her room when she had thought no one else to be home, and once when they had decided to have a little make-out session in his car, in her driveway—at so late an hour, she assumed everyone would be fast asleep. “no daddy” she tried to sound convincing, afraid he would detect her lie. “we’ll see” he said.

He pressed his hard cock into his daughter’s thigh, as he slid his hand up to cup her supple breast, feeling her nipple, hard, against his palm. He had not planned this, he had not expected his want for his daughter to get away from him like this. But seeing his daughter sneak in, flushed, her clothes rumpled, her hair a bit out of place, he had been overtaken by lust. He had never let himself want her this much, not even when he had caught her giving her boyfriend head -twice!- making him storm from the room while reprimanding her to avoid her noticing the bulge in his pants.

“daddy!” she cried as father’s hand slid from fondling her breast to yanking up her skirt. She moaned in site of herself as his hand slid between her thighs, cupping her now soaked panties. She wanted him to rub her clit, slip his fingers into her panties, but this was her dad! For the first time, she realized her father’s cock was the hard bulge pressing into her thigh. Another wave of arousal swept over her, but this time she didn’t bother to ignore it. She let out a groan as her father stroked her clit beneath the fabric of her panties. “you like sucking cock, baby?” her father said, his voice low. He grabbed her hand and pressed it against his cock. A pause followed And then he felt his daughter’s hand curve around him and squeeze. “yes.. yes daddy, I do..” his daughter seemed to purr into the darkness.

His’s mind reeled as his daughter responded willingly to his lust. Her hand continued to squeeze and rub his cock through his pants. Grunting with pleasure, her let one hand cup her breast, rolling and pinching her rock hard nipple between his fingers. He let his other hand slide into her panties, finding her slick cunt wet and inviting. Her felt her move against him, her breath quickening. “maybe you’d like to suck daddy’s cock then” he whispered, turning her to face him. They made eye contact as she allowed him to guide her to her knees.

Without hesitation, she unzipped his fly, reached in, and pulled out her father’s hard cock. She took his shaft into her hands, and then began to kiss down the length of his shaft. Her kisses became a swirling tongue as her mouth climbed back to the head of his member. Looking up at him, she said “like this, daddy?” and took him into her warm mouth.

He groaned—he could not believe how much he enjoyed looking down at his own daughter sucking him off. “oh god baby, you’re making daddy feel so good” watching her mouth sliding the length of his cock, her shirt still open, breasts exposed, skirt still bunched over her thighs, he hand disappearing between her legs to rub her swollen clit, he could not contain himself any longer. “daddy’s coming baby!” he grunted, his hands holding her face to his crotch, he spurted his cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed as much as she could. As he slowly subsided and slid himself from her mouth, he watched as her tongue darted from her mouth to lick up some drops of cum that had escaped her. “you liked that, didn’t you honey?” he smiled, sitting down in a chair. He watched as she, still kneeling, nodded yes. “come here” he said, patting his lap. His daughter came over and sat on his lap. He slipped his hand back into her shirt again, squeezing her nipple. “girls who enjoy sucking their own daddy’s cock must be naughty girls” He said, looking at his daughter. She nodded again. “Naughty girls get spanked, don’t they?” her eyes widened, and she drew her breath in, nodding slowly. “you’ve been very bad, haven’t you? You should get spanked, shouldn’t you?”

She couldn’t believe this. After sucking her daddy’s cock, she was about to be spanked and she was amazed at how much this excited her. “yes daddy.. I should be spanked” she practically moaned. He told her to stand up and take off the rest of her clothes. As she stood to undress, a blush crept over her skin as she watched her father’s eyes caressing her full breasts and the neatly shaved lips of her pussy.

His daughter, now nude, lay across his lap, offering her ass to him. He felt his cock hardening again as he smacked her ass, watching her cheeks begin to warm and flush. “oh daddy” his daughter panted. “tell me what a bad girl you’ve been” he said. “I’ve been such a bad girl daddy—I got so wet sucking your cock. I .. i… ” she faltered. “you what?” he growled “I get so turned on daddy.. I wanted you to.. to fuck me” she panted. Her ass was red and hot now. “you want daddy to fuck you? You better ask nicely you little whore..”

She was breathing heavily, her pussy slick with arousal; god, she wanted her daddy’s thick shaft in her cunt so badly. “please daddy” she begged hoarsely “please fuck me daddy”.

He pulled his daughter up with him as he stood. “bend over you little slut” he panted, guiding his daughter over to the counter. He grabbed her hips as she braced herself on the counter. Taking his cock in his hand, he rubbed the tip against his daughter’s wet slit. “ask daddy again sweetie” he groaned.

“please daddy, I want your cock so bad.. ” she gasped as her father’s cock filled her pussy. “oh daddy!” she cried “oh yes! Fuck me…”

“god you’re so tight” he groaned looking down at his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. He slid his hand around to fondle her clit, then to her breasts twisting her nipple.

It felt so good to have her daddy inside her. She moaned, finding her clit sensitive against her fingers. “oh daddy… fuck me.. hard daddy.. fuck me!”

He held his daughter’s hips, her cries filling his ears as he pistoned in and out of her slit. “that’s right baby” he grunted as he fucked her harder “take daddy’s cock. You feel so good.. your pussy .. ” he grunted again.

She began to moan and call out louder. “oh… god! Daddy, I’m gonna cum!.. ohh… fuck me! Don’t stop daddy!.. don’t stop.. ” she bucked against him, orgasm washing over her.

He continued to fuck her, and suddenly she slid herself off his cock and dropped to her knees again. She began to suck on his cock, squeezing at the base. Groaning He felt himself stiffen, grabbing her head again, shooting his cum down her throat


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