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“Yes, daddy!…it feels so good!” September 24, 2011

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“Goddammit, Sweet Muffin, you’ve got the tightest pussy I ever fucked!”

Those were the first words out of my daddy’s mouth when his hard cock penetrated my pussy for the very first time.

At this point in my story I was just a couple of months past my sixteenth birthday. I was five feet tall, skinny, had hardly any tits to speak of, but I had a small waist, a cute butt and a flaring set of hips that I was just learning how to use. I had curly red hair, freckles, and braces on my teeth. I was obviously no beauty. But I had an itch between my big toes that wouldn’t quit. I couldn’t keep my panties on, and my two brothers couldn’t keep their stiff cocks out of my hairless pussy. I got to tell you up front, that I was not complaining one damn bit. I loved the nasty porn magazines they gave me, I loved knuckle-humping, I loved playing with my brothers’ cocks, I loved sucking them off, and most of all I loved having them fuck me stupid.

Then daddy caught us in the act. Instead of being punished, two minutes later I was watching the head of my father’s cock slowly pushing into my pussy, which was already well lubricated with all the cum that my two older brothers had pumped into me. Slowly, inch by inch, and to my utter amazement, the rest of daddy’s eight-inch erection slowly disappeared inside me, and pretty soon, he was pumping his load of cum deep inside my womb.

Might as well tell you about daddy. He owns the biggest truckstop in Orangebow county, the Town Hill Truckstop, with twenty pumps. It’s got just this huge convenience store where you can get anything! I love Jelly Bellys, and daddy sells ’em there because I asked him to. And there’s this huge motel for truckers called the Orangebow Bunkhouse. And there’s the Diesel Grill and Steakhouse. And there’s four big garages. The whole place is surrounded by a thick pine forest, though there’s lots of little foot trails through it, if’n you know where to look. (My older brothers Ben and Tommy took me out there a couple of times, and fucked me stupid.) So, anyway, that explains how come daddy could afford the big three-story house we live in, and put those big columns on the front so it looks like an old antebellum mansion.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love my daddy. I was always sitting in his lap when the family was watching TV. While I sat there, he would gently rub my fanny and my legs and kiss my hair. I would hug him and kiss his face. I would do anything for daddy.

A few nights after daddy fucked me that first time in the hay loft, I was in my bed with the lights out, and I was almost asleep when I heard my door open and close real quiet-like. I figured it was Ben. Ben had sneaked into my room at night a couple of times when he was feeling really horny. Ben liked me to pretend I was asleep while he fondled me and fucked me, so, I quietly slipped off my panties and held real still like I was asleep. I felt him sit on the bed and his hand settle on my tummy.

He turned my light on real low and pulled the covers back. That wasn’t Ben! My eyes flew open and I saw it was daddy! He was wearing just a tee shirt and boxers. He smell real good like he just got a shower.

“Hey, Sweet Muffin,” he said in that voice he used when he was proud of me for something.

“Daddy! You almost scared me. I thought it was Ben. What do you want? ”

“Sweetheart, I just wanted to sit here in the dark with you and talk. Tell me, what does Ben do when he comes in? Go ahead and tell me. I’d really enjoy it if you did.” Daddy’s hand slipped down between my thighs.

“Well, you know… he gets naked, and slips his hand under the covers, and plays with my butt and my pussy. When I get so horny that I can’t stand it, he climbs between my legs and he fucks me. That’s not bad, is it daddy? I mean, I know that folks don’t talk about stuff like that unless they’re best friends and all, but Ben and Tommy want to play with my pussy so bad! And it feels so good when they do! It’s not wrong to let them do it, is it? ”

“Yeah, baby, it’s wrong. It’s nasty wrong. But I’d rather have you fucking your brothers than out fucking some stranger. It’s okay as long as you enjoy playing with their dicks. You do enjoy playing with their dicks, don’t you? Making them hard and horny? Sucking on them? ”

“Oh, I do, daddy, I really do! I know that makes me wicked, but I can’t help it.”

“Well, then, you fuck your brothers as much as you want. Tommy tells me that you call yourself their cum-slut and their whore. I think that’s wonderful. And I think it’s real sexy you being a whore for your brothers. Their private little cock sucker. You spreading your legs for them without any panties on. Like you are right now. That really makes me hard, Sweet Muffin. God, you make me so fuckin’ hard! So, would you like to be daddy’s whore, too? ”

“Really daddy? I never thought about you like that until last Sunday, but now I’d love to be your whore! Even talking about it is making my pussy wet!”

I sat up and hugged him in the dim light. Daddy hugged me back and his hand began playing with my pussy lips. I looked down and could see the head of his penis poking out one leg of his boxers. My daddy had a hardon!

“Really? Well, tonight I’m gonna teach you how to be my whore. Okay? ”

Daddy pulled off his boxers and threw them on the floor. Following his instructions, I reached down and grasped his penis. It felt heavy and massive as I lovingly stroked it. I kept thinking, Oh! My! GOD! I’m touching my daddy’s hard cock! This is even nastier than letting my brothers fuck me!

Daddy’s hand slipped between my legs and caressed my thigh all the way up to my pussy. That felt so good that a shiver ran up my back. I got this warm wet feeling in my tummy and I spread my legs wider. I could feel my panty pudding oozing down the crack in my butt. Daddy told me I was beautiful and then got up on his knees. He turned me over and got me up on all fours facing away from him. I felt his hard cock slap me between my legs. His big hands reached under and gently grabbed my tits.

He said,”Damn, Sweet Muffin, I think your breasts are getting bigger.”

I felt the head of my daddy’s dick touch my pussy and push. He was pushing it into me just like he did last Sunday in the hay loft. Only this time it was in my very own bed.

He whispered,”You like that, sweetheart? ”

“Yes, daddy! I know this is wrong, but it feels so good! I want to be your whore, daddy!”

Grunting softly, daddy pushed his cock deeper and deeper into me until I felt it push against my diaphragm. While one of his hands fondled my tits, his other hand was playing with my clit and setting my whole body on fire. His cock started a gentle rhythm of sliding out and pushing back in. I couldn’t help but hump my ass against him every time he stroked into me. My daddy was fucking me!

“Oh, daddy, that feels so good! Please fuck me all you want! Pump your cum inside me!”

He began stroking faster and harder, and I just went fuckin’ berserk, moaning and humping and grunting with daddy’s big cock pushing the breath out me! I had one awesome orgasm after another, the pleasure just shooting through me. Daddy got still behind me and using his hands, he pulled me toward him, and then pushed me away. It was like daddy was jacking hisself off, but using my pussy instead of his hands. I loved it. Then he held me still while I caught my breath.

“Did you cum inside me, daddy? ”

“Not this time, Sweet Muffin.There’s something else I wanna do with my cum.”

Daddy pulled his cock out of me and sat me up.I scooted closer to him as he told me what to do. While slowly stroking his dick, I gently kissed and licked his balls, then the shaft, and then the head. He told me to look up into his eyes while I was doing this.

“That’s it, Sweet Muffin, show me how much you love me. Make daddy’s dick hard and horny.”

Daddy’s hands were on my head, guiding my movements, so I could be the best cum-slut he ever had. He told me how to place my other hand on his balls and caress them softly. Pre-cum was oozing out of his dickhole. He taught me how to rub it all over my face as I looked up at him. He said I had to look at him”lovingly”, but that was easy, because I did love him so very much. I rubbed his hard cock all over my face, while his fingers danced through my hair. Daddy started moving his hips around, rubbing his cock and then his balls all over my face. This made his cock throb, and more pre-cum dribbled out and got smeared all over my face.

My pussy was on fire again, and I wanted so badly to put some fingers into it, but daddy told me to wait and follow instructions.

“That’s good, Sweet Muffin, let daddy rub his dick and his balls all over your lovely face. That makes daddy so hard, sweetheart. Did you know that daddy masturbates thinking of you? Did you? I do. This is what I dream about when I jack off, sweetheart, rubbing my hard dick all over your face while you stroke my shaft. Only now I don’t have to fantasize any more, because you’re doing it for real. Lick the head. Yeah, baby, lick the head of daddy’s hard cock. You love it, don’t you Sweet Muffin? ”

I stared up into my daddy’s eyes and nodded my head, as my tongue continued to swirl over his swollen cock head. I could taste my panty pudding all over it.

“I know you do. It makes you horny, doesn’t it? Good girl. You are such a good girl, that I’m gonna let you swallow my cum now. Do you want to swallow daddy’s cum? ”

I nodded even harder. And the fire in my pussy was so bad I couldn’t stand it.

“Take it in your mouth, Sweet Muffin. Yes! Slowly. Yes! A little more. Oh, yes! Are you my cum-slut baby? Good girl. Oh, god I’m so horny! I’m about to shoot my load in my daughter’s mouth! This is so wicked and nasty! But I can’t stop! I’ve wanted you to be my whore for so long, sweetheart! Now suck on the head! Yes! Faster, baby, faster! Suck daddy’s dick! Keep stroking! Keep stro. . . stro. . . ki. . . UNNNHHHHHHH!!!!”

With a deep growl, the floodgates opened, and a river of cum squirted into my mouth. Squirted and gushed and spewed in one heavy stream after another! My mouth filled totally up in like a second!


Cum squirted out the sides of my mouth! It oozed down my chin and dripped on my tits and my thighs! And still it flowed through my daddy’s dick like a fire hose! I was choking and could hardly breath, but I kept sucking his dick head and stroking his shaft, and caressing his balls just like he showed me. There was cum in my nose, and dripping down my belly. I was gagging. Daddy pulled my head back with one hand and pointed his dick in my eyes with the other, and the last squirts shot me square in the eyes and poured down my face.

“Yes, baby, yes! Daddy wants his cum all over your face! And all over your cute little tits!”

When his cock finally started to go limp, he sat down beside me and put his arms around me. Following his instructions, I hadn’t swallowed. And I had a whole mouth full of his sweet hot cum. My daddy had shot his cum in my mouth! The salty taste was luscious and so nasty and wicked! He kissed and licked all the cum off my face. Then he kissed me, a full tongue French kiss. I could feel his tongue swirling around all the cum in my mouth while his hand fondled my tits. Then finally, the kiss was over and he said I should swallow his cum and I did.

Damn, it took three swallows to get it all down, I swear it did!

By then, I was breathing so hard, I was dizzy. My pussy was just painfully horny. I was about to stick my fingers inside me, when suddenly daddy put two of his fingers inside my pussy. My pussy was just totally fucking soaked with panty pudding. His big fingers slipped easily inside me and I shivered all over at the pleasure. Daddy lay me down on the bed and started kissing and sucking my nipples! Wow! Nobody had done that before! I woulda gone crazy from lust had it not been for his fingers which were stroking in and out of me like a piston! Then his kisses headed south. It felt so good, but for a moment I wondered where he was going? He was kissing my tummy. Then down between my legs. Then… then… !

Oh! My! God! My daddy was kissing my pussy!!! I could feel his tongue slipping between my pussy lips as if his tongue was a dick!!! And then my whole body caught fire! I didn’t know what daddy was doing down there, but it was the filthiest, nastiest, hottest, sexiest thing I ever imagined! My daddy was putting his tongue inside my drooling pussy! And he was licking my clit! God, how nasty was that?! My daddy was licking my clit!

My whole body spasmed like I was having a seizure. I grabbed his hair with both hands and started humping his tongue as hard as I could. I was moaning and humping and crying real loud. The bed was squeaking and daddy’s big hands were fastened tight to my ass cheeks. Everything began to go hazy and black, and when my orgasm hit about the seventh time, I think I passed out. The blackness crashed over me in waves, one after the other. I felt my panty pudding squirt out of my pussy all over daddy’s face.

I opened my eyes, and there was daddy, his handsome face covered with my juices, smiling down at me.

“Did I do it right, daddy?”

“Yes, Sweet Muffin, you did it perfect. You’re my cum-slut now, and my sweet little incest whore.”

And he gave me another grownup French kiss.

“Listen, baby, if you wanna be my cum-slut, there’s something else you could do for me. It would mean the world to me.”

“Okay, daddy. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Well, I know a man. He’s a good friend of mine. And I would like you to be my cum-slut again — in my room, this time — and this man is going to watch us, and he’ll be taking pictures with a camera. Do you think you can do that for me? ”

“Sure daddy, anything!”

“And if you really want to be daddy’s whore, sometimes I’ll want you to fuck other men, too. Sometimes, it’ll be your brothers. Sometimes it’ll be men you’ve never seen before. That would make me so horny, Sweet Muffin, if you would do that for me.”

“Of course, daddy! I love you so much, I’ll do anything for you. As long as I get to feel your cock inside my cunt again! And feel your cum filling my mouth!”

“That’s a good girl. And I want you to stop wearing panties. Wear those little short pleated skirts I got for you, okay? And those thin tanktops that fit you so tightly that your nipples show. But no bra or panties, okay? Daddy wants to be able to fondle your naked butt and see your hairless pussy whenever he wants to.”

“Will that make you horny for me, daddy? Will that make you fuck me a lot?”

“It sure will, Sweet Muffin. I promise. I gotta go back to my room now but I’ll see you soon. Oh, by the way, when was your last period, Ima? ”

“I’m not sure, daddy. I think I missed my period. Twice.”

“That’s great, sweetheart! That means you’re pregnant. Prolly one of your brothers knocked you up! I’m so proud of you, Sweet Muffin! I can’t wait for your belly to swell up and your breasts to fill with milk. Daddy will really want to fuck you then, because you’ll be even sexier than you are now. Daddy loves to fuck pregnant girls. Maybe after you have this baby, I’ll get you pregnant myself. Wouldn’t that be hot!”

Daddy got out of my bed and put his boxers on. As he headed toward the door, he stopped and told me he had left some more porn rags under my mattress for me to enjoy. He turned the light out and closed the door behind him.

I lay there in the dark so very wide awake. I was my daddy’s whore! I was his cum-slut! And he wanted to get me pregnant! I was so happy! Thinking about daddy began to make me horny again, so I felt around the edge of the bed and pulled out the new porn magazines he had left for me. I turned my light back on and looked at the covers.

Oh! My GOD! It was naked teenaged girls sucking on each other’s tits! And eating each other’s pussy! And finger-fucking each other! And one of them had to be eight months pregnant if she was a day! She had her hand completely inside another girl’s cunt! All you could see was her wrist! If I thought having daddy’s tongue in my pussy was filthy nasty horny, this was ten times worse! Girls being whores with other girls! It was just so fucking WRONG!!

My vagina quivered and began oozing more panty pudding. I had to shove three fingers inside my pussy and finger-fuck myself into a coma! I swear I did!


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