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Daddy and Me September 25, 2011

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Daddy began to move then. So far, he hadn’t gone in to the hilt, but now he slid in those extra few inches, completely filling me up, making my pussy stretch. Daddy’s cock felt incredible inside me. He was long but he was also thick, and that was what made my pussy cream around him, I could feel myself get wetter and wetter as daddy began to fuck me.As he began to move faster and faster inside me, my breath got shallower, I couldn’t help but moan out loud. Daddy was right. He was fucking me like I’d never been fucked before. His cock filled me up, sliding off the walls of my pussy, hitting my deepest spot; it was almost like he was impaling me on his cock.My breasts bounced up and down as daddy’s pace quickened. As he fucked me he caught a nipple in his mouth and bit. I screamed with pleasure and instead of shushing me daddy just fucked me harder. “That’s it baby girl scream for your daddy, you like your daddy fucking you, don’t you, you dirty little girl”.

All I could do was nod and moan, the pleasure was coursing through my body, building up inside me. I felt like I was going to explode. At that moment I didn’t care who heard me, or who thought this was wrong, all I knew was my daddy was fucking me and I fucking loved it.

“Yes daddy, please keep fucking me, fuck your little girl, your cock is so amazing in my pussy, I don’t want you to stop fucking me, oh fuck daddy, oh fuck.” My breath kept getting shorter and shorter as daddy fucked me deep and fast. He started to moan too and sweat began to break out on his chest. He moved position so that his chest rubbed against my tits and I began to get sticky with his sweat. With the change in position his cock was now deeper than ever before inside me, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“You’re gonna cum all over your daddy’s cock aren’t you, you filthy little girl. You’re gonna get your daddy’s cock soaking wet with your pussy juices, aren’t you? That’s my girl, cum for daddy”

I couldn’t help it now, I had to cum. Between daddy’s words and his unbelievably good fucking I was at the point where I had to release. “Yes daddy, yes, I’m going to cum for you, daddy. You’re making me cum daddy, you’re making me cum. Fuck me daddy, please fuck me harder.”

Daddy started to pound into me then, stretching my little pussy to the limit. He had his hands all over my body and as my moans got louder and louder he took my nipple in his mouth again, and sucked and bit. I came then. I came, thrashing about on the bed, my body out of control, my pussy clenching on daddy’s cock, my clit throbbing, my juices running everywhere, soaking everything in their path. I bit hard on daddy’s shoulder as I came, calling for him over and over again. “Daddy, daddy, oh daddy, oh fuck daddy, oh daddy, daddy, daddy.”

When I finally stopped cumming I lay exhausted on the bed. Daddy was still rock hard in my quivering pussy, he had resisted cumming inside his little girl as I had the most brilliant orgasm of my life.

“Fuck baby, I can’t believe how sexy you are when you cum, it was all I could do not to explode inside you.” Daddy looked at me in wonder, as I caught my breath. I desperately wanted daddy to cum now. He had made me cum so hard; I wanted to do the same for him.

“Cum for me now daddy, please.” Daddy began to move his cock inside me again, but my pussy was sensitive now, and wouldn’t be able to take another hard fucking for awhile. “Daddy, cum all over me, I want you to stand over me so I can feel your cum rain down on me.”

Daddy reluctantly withdrew his cock from my warm wet pussy and stood over me. He stroked his hard cock while looking down at his little baby girl, fresh from being fucked hard and desperate for her daddy’s cum. I wanted to make him cum hard, so I asked him to untie my hands then I grabbed one of my breasts and raised it to my mouth. Because my breasts are so big I can lick and suck my own nipples. I took one of my nipples in my mouth and looked up at daddy as I licked. With my other hand I splayed my pussy lips open and rubbed my clit.

“Oh fuck Jemma, baby girl, that’s it. Oh my little girl is so dirty for her daddy, oh fuck baby, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum all over my little girl.”

Daddy let out a deep growl as he came, his hand moving up and down his cock with tremendous speed. His cum fell from his cock in thick heavy spurts, hitting my body with a delicious slapping sound. Daddy came hard, his knees gave way as his balls emptied everything they had on to his daughter and he fell down beside me on my bed, breathing deeply and saying fuck over and over again.

I lay there covered in my daddy’s cum, my pussy exhausted but satisfied. Daddy lay beside me, naked, his cock softening, his hands caressing my body.

Daddy got up from the bed then, kissed me, hurriedly put his boxer shirts back on and then went back to the bed he shared with mum. I wasn’t jealous now, because in all the times I’d heard daddy cum when he was fucking mum, it had never been as hard as when it had been as he was stood over his little girl, releasing his delicious creamy load on to her waiting body.


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